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Washburn WC90 Classical Guitar Pack

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Hello!  :)

I was wondering what pack is this and why I cant find this pack and guitar model anywhere on your official web site?

Washburn WC90 Classical Guitar Pack

Can you provide me more info please?
Thank you in advance!

Not saying it's definitely the case with this model, but when Washburn stop manufacturing a guitar they generally take it off the site even though you can still buy them new at plenty of stores. For example, the N1 isn't on the website any more, but a quick google search returns plenty of hits for it. So that could be the case.

I bought it. It plays good except the "buzzy" sound of the B-string.

The bad thing is even though the brand Washburn is American, on the guitar I bought it says "Made in China". I guess we cannot get original American products here in South Eastern Europe.

Other than custom shop pieces, it's been a LONG time since Washburn made their stuff in the U.S. Names like Gibson, Fender, even Breedlove (well, at least much of Breedlove's stuff) are still made in the U.S., but with the quality of the stuff coming out of the orient it's difficult for U.S. shops to match the quality AND the price.

That's not necessarily bad...some of the 80's and 90's stuff from Japan is fantastic lutherie and the newer stuff out of China is also very good...my Washburn C124SWK classical is ALMOST the equal of my handmade Hippner Hauser style classical at about 15% of the price...that's a great value!

You might be able to control the buzzing on that string by getting the fret dressed (if it's just one fret) or by replacing (or, perish the thought...shimming) the factory saddle. I replace all the plastic factory saddles with bone (it's a DIY job)...and the nuts, too...the saddle improves tone and the nut assures that there will never be a need to replace that piece again. Strings pulling through slots in the plastic nut can act like rat-tailed files and cause the slots to get deeper, causing buzzing like you described...so maybe that's the way to address the buzzing.

I'd suggest you take it to a luthier if there are any in your area...if not, then a music shop with a good tech guy can probably do the deed.

I'm betting on the nut as the cause of the buzzing....a replacement bone nut would be around $50, labor and all...that might be a significant portion of the price you paid for the guitar, but it might be worth it in the long run.

Cheers, and good luck getting rid of that buzz!

Dugly 8)

Thank you for your reply, and for the advices! I'll try to fix it.  :)

The buzzing noise is when I play the B string open.


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