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Washburn W114 pickups

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hello, I've owened my Washburn W114 for about 7 yrs, and I love the action it has, though its not priced very high, its a great guitar, what I would Like are better pickups in it, would anyone have any suggestions.

                                                                               thank you    Bill McDonald

i have two suggestions for you...

Dragonfire Phat Screamers (17.5k bridge 8.8k neck - ceramic humbucker pickups) theses sounds really nice

MightyMite Motherbuckers (22.k bridge 17.8k neck - alnico V humbucker pickups)

I suggest upgrading (2) for the pots to Linear B500k push-pull pots = coil tap the humbuckers...  and you get more options to your sound.

+1 On the Dragon Fire's.  Tom.  :)

Ok, I guess you probably saw this one, but i figure you can follow the diagram... forums.washburn.com/index.php/topic,18997.msg146717.html

You asked about what humbuckers to upgrade to..  but I think since you will be making some upgrades...  I might as well try to give you more ideas how to hotrod your Washburn. from "I like it" to "I love it!" from "nice" to "Wow!"

Credit:  Stratman88 for diagram.

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