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Author Topic: WI66PRO neck flexing  (Read 1482 times)


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WI66PRO neck flexing
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:00:32 AM »

I'm new to this forum but have not been able to find anything about this subject.
Maybe I do not know the correct technical terms (I'm from Denmark) in case the subject is already covered in other posts.

I purchased a beautiful used WI66PRO Tobacco burst guitar a week ago. It’s almost not used and there are no signs of use on the frets and no scratches.

This is my first “Les Paul” like guitar and I like the looks, sound and the thin neck very much. I also own a Washburn Festival EA18 Semi Acoustic and a Fender Standard Strat (Mexico).

My “new” WI66PRO is very sensitive in the neck. I have to be very careful when handling the neck or else it get out of pitch while playing it. The neck is flexing quite a bit. It stays in tune quite fine and i do not have to re-tune the guitar every day.

There are no visible damages to the neck or where the neck and body are assembled.
My Strat and EA18 can also be forced to get out of pitch while playing, but I have to twist/pull the neck quite hard.

I have tried with medium and low action but it does not change anything. The strings are D’Addario 0.010. The intonation is perfectly adjusted. The neck is straight and perfect for low action without fret buzz.

Is this just the cost of having a slim neck and body or can it be adjusted somehow?

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