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Author Topic: WIN STD or Epiphone Les Paul Standard?  (Read 3367 times)

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WIN STD or Epiphone Les Paul Standard?
« on: August 23, 2013, 01:31:12 PM »
I'm really torn between the two... I'm more of a metal/rock guitarist, with some blues here and there

The WIN STD (cherry sunburst) is really beautiful and the Duncan USM pickups seem to be suited to my playing style.

The Epiphone (ebony) is beautiful too but I prefer the cherry sunburst look... the pickups are Alnico Classic Humbucker; are they better than the Duncan ones? otherwise, they're both made of mahogany

are the Duncan USM on the Win STD the same than the Parker PDF70? what explains the difference in price and will they sound radically different (I heard the Parker and it sounded quite good for my budget)?

on the WIN STD, do the pickups use Alnico V magnets? are they the HB-2 or HB-3 type, or both?

Are Washburn guitars well made in general or will I have some problems (finish, hardware, set up...)?

I know it's a Washburn forum so not the best place to ask for objectivity, but it's also the best place to ask and I'm sure you can give me a truthful opinion

I've been on a Squier for 3 years, I'm looking for an upgrade but I don't have much money right now...


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