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Author Topic: Strap Button On Rover Guitar Could Void Warranty Info In Post  (Read 3003 times)

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I was reading the post below about adding a strap button to the back of the neck heal on the flat spot of my new Rover Travel guitar. WARNING after talking to Scott at Washburn about it he said it will void the warranty and possibly cause stress cracks. He stated Washburn does not recommend putting them there on any of there guitars period. I then stated if a pilot hole is drilled correctly is it OK he said no again. Then I asked why does my Martin and my Taylor have them mounted on the heal of all there guitars. He said someone added them, I said no they came from the Factory that way new in the box on both my Martin & Taylor guitars. He said it is bad guitar making to do that and these companies probably do that because people want it if that's the way they came. I would not go that far to say that myself about Taylor or Martin guitars. With that said I will not put a extra strap button on my little Rover travel guitar now. I will just attach the strap at the headstock with a string/ or the leather loop they sell for this type of attachment Johnny Cash style. I will go as far to say I agree that a strap button could maybe rob some tone as Scott stated also and I say maybe here just maybe but I doubt it in my personal opinion only. I will also say I have never seen a neck crack from a properly mounted strap button to the heal of the neck and politely agree to disagree with Scott at Washburn about this subject. ( Again I will not add one though because it will void my lifetime warranty on the little rover travel guitar according to Washburn)

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Re: Strap Button On Rover Guitar Could Void Warranty Info In Post
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Many guitar makers have a policy that any modification to the guitar will void the warranty, inc. adding a strap button.  However the notion that properly adding a strap button to the heel of the neck will alter tone, weaken the neck, etc., etc.  is absolute nonsense.  Plus, for Washburn to make disparaging remarks about Taylor and martin because some of there guitars (not all however) come from the factory w/ a strap button is WAY out of line.  Shame on them.