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New Washburn Videos Posted


New demo videos are posted for the LSB768SE Lakeside Baritone Acoustic Guitar, J600 Vintage Jazz Guitar and PS2012 Time Traveler guitar are now posted here.
You can also see the videos on the model's Webpage.

Hi, I've been trying to find the LSB768SE Lakeside Baritone Acoustic Guitar, but they have never hard about this guitar at Guitar Center (several stores tried in the Houston area). How can I get hold of it?

It's on our Website so they can familiarize themselves with it there. Any Guitar Center or Washburn dealer can special order the LSB768SE for you.

OK, but it would be nice to try it out first....

Hi!!! Fred From Paris.
Can you help me to identify Washburn N2 with s/n 1050919
In which year was it made ?
Is USA ,Japan, Korea or other?
And where Can I have other information about it (pickup, wood, ...)
Thanks a lot.


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