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Author Topic: Needing Oscar Schmidt Delta King BASS info.....  (Read 1626 times)

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Needing Oscar Schmidt Delta King BASS info.....
« on: August 30, 2013, 03:34:15 PM »
Hi all-

I have a used OS Delta King OB-20 bass coming from a Guitar Center.  I read some great reviews online, and spent 20 minutes pumping the guitar manager at the GC about the condition of this bass, and took a chance.  It was only $119.95, after all!  He told me it appears to be in very good condition, and strung with fairly new looking flatwounds.  I have just about exhausted all Google links to info on this bass, and was wondering....does anyone know of any archived sites that may have some pictures, spec sheets, PDF owner's manuals, factory wiring diagrams or ANYTHING having to do with these basses?

Product support has already told me that there was no case made for these basses from the factory.  So my next question is does anyone have a good source for a LONG case that will fit a semi-hollowbody 34" scale bass?  I'm told that it is the exact size of the Epiphone Jack Casady bass, but the LH horn is different on the JC.
I would like to find an option to the Gibson/Epiphone case if possible.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I will post pictures (none online to speak of) when I get it in and take some!

Mike in Texas