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Author Topic: Hollow Body J6S  (Read 1850 times)

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Hollow Body J6S
« on: September 08, 2013, 06:00:19 PM »
Hi all!

Good to be back, it has been a while. I found an old Washburn J6S (I thought the S was a 5 at first, but after some research, I think it is the J6S) hollow body at a garage sale today. The guy had some speakers out on the sidewalk and I thought he might have some guitar equipment, so and after some hemming and hawing, said he had an old Washburn hollow body. Of course I wanted to see it as I have found some of the old Washburns to be some pretty cool finds.

He brought it out and I could tell right away that it was old and had some history. It was pretty dusty and had not been played in a while. Looked to be in good shape though, and the serial number on the back headstock is 9317418. The guy brought out a small create amp and I was able to play it, though the pots seems pretty scratchy and I am not sure the pickups were phased right (seemed the opposite of my Gibson when changing the pickups from neck to bridge). The bridge pickup seemed pretty weak. But I could tell that it had a great sound overall, easy to play, and had potential with a setup, new strings, cleaning up the pots, and maybe a new vintage pickup on the bridge.

The owner said he bought it at a bar (where the original owner was playing it and was very drunk, and sold it to pay off some debt) back in the 80's. Wish I had taken a picture of it, but I could see (under the dust) that it was beautiful and in good shape, natural maple look all around, very light. I wondered if it was a solid maple top (I think, after some research, have found out that the "s" after the J6 means it is solid, please help me verify this). He said he would sell it for not less than 600.00.

After some research, I found one on E-Bay in great shape for 500.00. I also read that it was probably made in Korea (or Japan) in the late 80's or early 90's, and may not have been a solid maple top. Conflicting info though on how good this guitar really is. Since it needs (I think) about 150.00-200.00 of work, I have been thinking to offer 400.00 to the guy.

Any thoughts on this? Can anyone identify the date the guitar (and place) was made? The guy said it was made in USA. I have never bought a hollow body before (though I bought a Oscar Schmitt Delta Blues for 160.00 about 6 months ago that I love), but as my first real jazz guitar, I think this one would be really cool, and for 400. (if I can get it) I think that would be a good deal.