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Author Topic: REVERB now has Auctions too!  (Read 2332 times)

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REVERB now has Auctions too!
« on: October 05, 2013, 08:15:52 AM »
REVERB now has Auctions too! now has auctions also. You can sell your old/extra gear either by a direct ad or
and auction now.  I've had pretty good luck selling on REVERB and it's a helluva lot cheaper
than Ebay. Looks better too!

Anyway, love it or hate it, I'm just passing along the info!

BTW, my little corner of Reverb is called "MagicMusic".....although, I don't have much stuff left.
Just a couple of pedals. I had almost a dozen items....but they have sold down. One thing I
definitely like is that there are no charges whatsoever, until an item is sold....then it's a helluva
lot cheaper if it does sell. So basically, you can put stuff up there for sale and just leave it till it does.
Dunno the exact percentage, but I sold one pedal for $40 and the fee
was $1.46....I thought that was reasonable.  8)

Oh, pickup winders, pedal builders, strap makers, amp gurus, etc.....can set up your own
little store there....FREE of charge!
And after the snow.....after the snow do you know what you have?  You have the spring.