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Hola! New here....

I don't know much about AB 20s, except that there is no way I cannot own the one I have taken for the weekend to try.

You know how some instruments just pop alive in your hands? I may be possessed ........can't keep my hands off it.

I started playing stuff from a 70's metal band I was in that I haven't played in a long time.

Awesome tone, love the neck.......named it already and I haven't paid for it yet!!

Anywho, What is the Dif between a AB 10 and a AB 20? I don't see a AB 20 on the Washburn site, do they not produce that model any more?
The owner thinks it's 10 years old, ser # SG107562. I read some posts here about year produced from the serial#, but nothing positive.

The instrument is pristine as he never played it and it has been in its case most of it's life, he's a drummer, what can I say? He wants $600 said he payed $900. Seems high but I don't know these basses, and I will probably give him what he wants at this point....What do you think of the price?

Thanks for any help! Cal

 Welcome. The first 2 numbers are almost always the year, on a 8 digit number. A 2001 would put it about 10 yr.   on a 6 digit it can be just the first number.   The model numbers can stand for the diff woods or electronics. And price levels, and so on.  The letters can stand for factory, and country of origin.  Not sure on yours.  Use the search tab above, there should be good info on the AB series of guitars.  I" believe" the AB stands for acoustic bass.    Tom.  :)

Well the search, is not that good, plus it is confusing..   the years do not add up.   Tom.  :)      http://forums.washburn.com/index.php/topic,19963.msg131016.html#msg131016             ---------               http://www.washburn.com/about/            well this shows in 2000 the AB 10 cost about a grand. 

Thanks a Ton Tom!!

Yep the search confused me two!

What do you think of the price??

This is the instrument of a lifetime to me and I will pay whatever.........these folk do make cool guitars!!!!

Thanks again, Cal

Well the AB10 in 2000 cost 999.00, list price.   And the AB20 should be up a level, so should cost a little more.  Have you checked eBay for the going prices?  There are a few guys on here that have book prices, they will be able to tell you more.  There was one at my local guitar store a year or so ago, and it was real expensive like that.   But I think the number one thing is how you feel about the guitar.   Tom.  :)


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