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Author Topic: Which Amp and 4x12? Or is it overkill?  (Read 1074 times)

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Which Amp and 4x12? Or is it overkill?
« on: November 01, 2013, 08:12:45 AM »
Looking for any input and advice.
Looking to get my son a 'real' amp and have narrowed it down to 2 new ones and 3 used ones.

Fender Mustang V and 4x12 used they're asking $425
Marshal MG100 and 4x12 and 4 button pedal, used, asking $400
Crate Shockwave 350 and a 4x12 cab with crate speakers, used, asking $275

All are private sellers, all are similar in wattage and cabinet.

New I'm thinking a fender mustang V v2 at $299, but I have some things to trade in at the guitar center and they're running a special so might get $120-150 in credits making it $150-180. And it's new and it's the latest model. (the v1 is still available for $239). The v1 is tempting just because it's cheaper...missing the xlr out is the big difference.

Due to cost will probably still get a used cabinet - 2x12 is more than enough and takes up less space in the house but 4x12s are more common and often cheaper.

The challenge is this is for my son for his birthday (which is still 7 weeks off) and I know tone is a personal thing. I also know what he likes now (punk, green day, blink 182) may change over time - but good distortion is important.

He's not into pedals (yet) but wants to start a band with friends in the not too distant future - so giggable gear is what I'm after. Sep cab/head means he can move to a tube head one day  and use the cab he has, or not have to take everything to gigs if the place has a system or he uses my pa system (hence the interest in xlr out feature)

I'd love to have a grand to spend but that's not gonna happen.

I can get a near new Fender mustang 3 for $'s a combo amp and tempting because it's smaller, lighter and still likely plenty loud and should have good tone. If he's gonna drag things to friends houses it's perhaps better...but we have a music room (with bass and amp, drums, small vipyr guitar amp) so his friends will almost certainly come here.

Looking for any experience or points of view.

Looking online the mustangs ALL get great reviews and I love my rumble bass amp. My son, being a Billie Joe fan, likes marshall (for that reason only - he's never played through one). I know sometimes fantasy plays a role in having fun and being motivated - a marshall half stack would make him play more and that may be important. The specific crate head gets good reviews and the price is tempting...but the cab is sort of an unknown. How much does that matter?

Buying off a person you never can be sure what you're getting. Guitar center had a generous return policy but don't have what we want there's no way to know what we're getting till they ship it in.

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Re: Which Amp and 4x12? Or is it overkill?
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2013, 10:36:32 AM »
I have had that Marshall set up a few years ago.   Very loud, he will be heard with a band.   Has EFX built in.  Also very solid build, not to heavy, but I put my cab on wheels.  Like I said before, wish I had it back.  And all the Mustangs I have played, and own 1, are great also .I have played all the combo's, but have a PA also, so don't need a head and cab really any longer.  Never seen a big Crate, so no idea on them.  I would go for the Marshall, two reasons.   1  he likes the name. He will take pride in saying I have a Marshall half stack..  Hard to go wrong there.   2  sounds great, loud, solid and reliable and all the EFX built in to get him started.     Just my .02.    Tom. :)