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D46sce12 to keep or sell?


Hi. This is my first post here as I have never realized this specific forum existed. So I figured id ask the experts. Info is as stated in title. It's the 12. String model and a absolutely love how it sounds. Only thing is I don't play as much as I used to and I'm moving. So it's time to thin down the collection. Even when I bought it I didn't play it that much and then it's just been sitting since I go for electrics if I happen to get the urge to play. It's still in excellent shape. I'm possibly looking to sell it if it's worth it. What would a good selling price be? Or should I hang on to it. It's the only 12 string I have.

ship of fools:
To be honest with you I'd suggest that you hold on to it, with todays market you'd be real lucky to get even $350.00 ( and maybe less ) in excellent shape and if you go to buy another down the road well its going to cost you even more so to replace it. Just seems that its more of a buyers market still over a sellers and they are pretty nice 12ers. ship

I'll just echo what Ship said re: price.  $350 is a fair price, but you might not even get that.  It's a nice guitar so I'd say hang on to it.  If it's going to sit for long periods w/o playing I'd suggest detuning the strings.  Take a bit of pressure of the neck.


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