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Author Topic: NGD (last week) HB32DM Great!  (Read 1674 times)

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NGD (last week) HB32DM Great!
« on: October 03, 2013, 10:03:49 AM »
Last week I purchased and received a Washburn HB32DM (# DC09070007) from an authorized Washburn dealer. Four words came to mind when I opened the hard case, first view, first handling..... those first words were outstanding, impeccable, immaculate, stellar. For the money this is one of the best guitars I've ever purchased. The dealer went the extra mile and gave me a decent setup with 10s at my request which was deeply appreciated. This guitar (old stock, deep mahogany color, which I so deeply love) plays as well as any electric guitar that I have in my stable. Has a very unique sound, a very smooth play. Much has been written about the pros (on the web as well as on this forum) of this guitar, so I won't waste time in rewriting on what has been said, but; I will mention some of what I think are cons (no deep criticism) just minor cons IMO,  which will be changed on this particular guitar down the line. Truss rod cover don't like it, will change it later on, Plastic nut, at first thought it was corian, but; it seems to be straight plastic, will change it for a Tusq nut later on. Toggle switch seems not to be as solid as could be, has a "springy" feel to it will change out later on, looking for a more solid feel. Open pickups, will swap out for pickups that are covered (maybe some Seth Lovers for an upgrade while I'm at it, or something early Bill Lawrence, PAF?) or will install pickup covers, All Parts seems to sell some very interesting covers, this also will be done later on. Lastly the cable jack nut sits almost flush with it's screw, this can present a problem in the future as it looks like the nut can easily become loose and fall off causing the jack to fall into the body. I think the nut should have more turns to tighten down on, could prevent some future headaches. Not slighting the guitar, just my personal changes, of course. All in all a fine instrument, I love all of the Washburns that I own, (HB32, HB35, Rover RO10) IMO, simple guitars.....that are simply great!