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Author Topic: NGD: Got an HB30. Yeah! Need some pot / wiring info if possible. ??? Thanks.  (Read 1601 times)

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I checked out an HB35 at a pawn shop a few years ago and loved the way it played. Didn't plug it in, but great action, feel, and construction. I found an HB30 at a pawn shop a week or so ago and scraped some money together to buy it.
It plays great and sounds great on the neck pickup.  The bridge pickup is much lower in volume and sounds thin.
Also, the tone pot for the neck pickup doesn't do anything.  I'm hoping it is stuck wide open, or treble all the way up...sounds like it's not really muddy, but is bassy, but in a good way. Sounds very 'Clapton early days' or Cream tone. Nice.
But, bridge pickup is weak and a let down.  I love the guitar, but want to correct these things.
I'm wondering if raising the bridge pickup might bring some more power to it's output.   Thoughts????
Also, I can live with the tone pot not working for now, but down the road, I will want to fix it.
Anybody have any link to a diagram or help with the wiring, etc.   I am willing to see if the solder joint might have come loose on
the tone pot. I noticed under close inspection that the knob itself is slightly cracked which makes me think it might have taken
a blow at some point, possibly knocking the pot loose from it's solder joint or maybe ruining the pot.   Would I still have full connection of the volume pots and pickups working if the wire to one of the tone pots came loose?
   Anyway...enough babbling...  Any thoughts or help? (other should upgrade the pots, wiring and pickups)  Cant afford that right now. Just want to try and 'heal' what's there.   Thanks!!!

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.........try spraying some electrical contact cleaner in the pots (radio shack) - they are probably a bit dirty.    Could account for the unusual tone switch action.   The pickup selector on these guitars can be temperamental if they get dirty - might be a factor here too.    My HB's bridge pickup never seems to be lacking in volume.   And, it's pretty far from the underside of the strings too - not sure if raising the whole pickup will get you anywere (might howl a bit more too), but - examine the bridge pickup position - is it equidistant from the strings from side to side?  And check to see if the screw type magnet pole pieces have been messed around with for height.