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Need BBand electronics for WB 400SWCEK


Have a very nice WB 400SWCEK bought used with a Baggs Element pickup in place of the BBand electronics and would like to locate a preferably used BBand setup to install in the guitar. Can any of you help with a source for this? Thanks, TLD.

FWIW I'd suggest buying a new BBand system.  You just do not save all that much.  It can be dicey getting them out intact and then you're stuck with a mess.  Better to buy new.

Just curious but do you not like the Baggs system?  What is it about BBand that you like better?

Thanks for responding. I don't have any issues with the Baggs pickup other than having to dip into the sound hole, beneath the strings to adjust same. Have read much good about the original BBand system but have not been able to locate a new or used one to determine the cost of the change. If I can locate (now, preferably a new one, per your advice) one and it's cost-effective, I'll replace the Baggs setup and will sell it to someone else. Any idea where I might locate a new one?



I've purchased my K&K pickups from Shoreline.  Very good to work with.

Thanks, again, for your help. I do appreciate it, and will give Shoreline a look.


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