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Guiatr strap / input jack loose

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Hi everyone.. I just bought the Washburn EA40SCE Cumberland Series Acoustic Electric guitar and it came yesterday. Great guitar for the money and beautiful tone. The problem is the input jack is loose, almost ready to fall off. My arms are too big to get down in there even without strings and I can't see it with a flashlight. I'm hoping someone will know the nut size on the inside. I don't want to mess with it too much because the wiring for the pickup is there. Somebody should have caught this at the factory before it was shipped to me but now its my problem. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

Hello Thunderfinger and Welcome to the forum, perhaps your problem is to far gone for the use of this product, but they have helped me out a lot with the jacks on my guitars, also kept a lot of headaches away by doing so:


thunderfinger, welcome to the forum. If you just bought the guitar, take it back to where you purchased it and have them tighten the nut. Stewmac.com has a wrench that is designed just for that purpose. Good luck.


ship of fools:
Its not actually part of the Cumberland series, but part of the Festival series. As for your problem well its not really your problem contact Washburn Customer Service or the retailer you bought the guitar from and discuss it with them as part of the Warranty process and if the store won't help customer service will as long as you brought it from a recognized Washburn dealer. Also what you have is NOS probably because they longer make that model so lucky you to find one. ship

First, welcome top the forum.

I have not seen the jacktight tool before.  That looks very good so thanks for that.

IF your jack has the small hole as pictured in the first photo on the jacktight page you can slide a small rod (I use a small allen wrench) thru and get the wrench in between the jack and the body of the guitar.  A less elegant option is to grab the very end of the threaded piece of the jack with a vise grip and again slide the wrench between the vise grip and the body of the guitar.  You will likely mess up the threads, but that may not be an issue.  I would also suggest a dab of lock tite on the thread to keep things in place once you get it tightened up.


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