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How come I can only find these on EBAY auctions. No one carying in stores...GT Center...ect.
Im in Austin Texas. Would love to fondle one before I buy.

Also...the S indicates a satin finish. Yes? Im not real fond of the satin finishes. I believe that high gloss finish makes them more beautifull.
Is there a gloss finish model?

Welcome, S = solid top C= cutout body, E= Electronics. WJ I assume are Washburn Jumbo,  And 12 is 12 string.   Tom.  :)

Welcome to teh forum.  As TY has noted the "S" does not stand for satin but for a solid wood top.  The back and sides are laminate.  The answer to your other question is pretty straightforward.  Your local stores do not buy them, so none are available to test drive.  I'm sure washburn would love to have a dealer in Austin or nearbye, but ultimately it's the dealers choice as to what brands to carry.

HMMM. Specs indicate flame maple back and sides....This is a lamanate?

I figure you have already researched this, but this is for the ones just reading this. :)  Here you go.  Yes lam back and sides.  SW  means all solid back and sides and top.  Don't let the lam scare you.  My 800.00 PRS has solid top and back, but lam sides.  Lam is stronger, the top is solid which is the most important sound board.  This guitar has a lot to offer , and looks to boot.  :)   here is the specs.  http://www.washburn.com/products/acoustics/WJ45SCE.html             Tom.  :)       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKEI2luYK30


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