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Author Topic: Washburn Mandolin Cremonatone#187493  (Read 2379 times)

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Washburn Mandolin Cremonatone#187493
« on: June 17, 2014, 08:02:49 AM »
I recently acquired a Washburn Mandolin and don’t know much of anything about it. I took it to a guitar shop and they couldn’t tell me much. I was told it has ivory tuning pegs, pearl inlays and tortuous shell pick guard. It has a serial number in it, Cremonatone#187493. I was hoping to find out how old it is and what it is worth. I have good pictures of it that I can email but can't figure out how to post. Also, it is missing a screw that holds one of the tuning pegs. Can I restring it without it? Can I get a replacement screw? Thanks!

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