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-The Guitars of Notable Classical Guitarists-


Hi All,

After lurking here for some time I registered with something to contribute for those who may be interested.  A friend sent me the attached old list.

The Guitars of Notable Classical Guitarists-
The format will be as follows :
Guitarist's Name
Luthier's Name / Luthier's Country / Remarks (Reference Number)

Where applicable, the guitarist's main instrument will be denoted with an asterisk, as in the Chen list. I have decided not to include the summary (of makers and quantity) in the original list.

(The "Reference Number" will denote any additions/changes to the original Chen list. At the bottom of the list you will find the Reference Numbers tagged to the names of the individuals who have supplied the additions/changes, with the respective dates.)

I don't see a list...am I missing something?


Dugly 8)

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