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Author Topic: Just got a WI-66V!  (Read 1430 times)

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Just got a WI-66V!
« on: July 19, 2014, 10:57:10 AM »
I see the trend of posting new acquisitions whenever there is one, so If I may, I would like to introduce mine.

I got this guitar by trading my 2 guitars, a Washburn Billy T Maverick and a Peavey Predator Plus TR-7 (7-string) at Guitar Center (sorry guys).  Since I did not have to add any amount of money for this money, I thought it was a good deal.  I considered this a blessing.  This is my 3rd Washburn in my lifetime.  I thought this would be the closest I could get to a Les Paul since I couldn't afford one yet.  I always liked used guitars because there is a story to it.

It is a Washburn WI-66V, it is Korean made.  Specs I got from here are as follows:


- mahogany
- bound, carved figured maple top

- 22 frets
- 24 3/4 "
- set mapple neck*
- fingerboard radius 14"
- bound rosewood fingerboard
- 2.7 mm fretwire
- pearl wing inlays
- Buzz Feiten Tuning System

- fulcrum stay-in tune vibrato tailpiece
- chrome hardware
- metal covered bridge and neck humbuckers
- 3-way toggle switch
- Grover tuners
- 2 volume knobs (bridge/neck)
- 2 Voice Contour Control (VCC) knobs (bridge/neck)

The tuners, however, were changed to Schaller locking tuners.  I am still trying to figure out how to put in new strings.  I am also trying to play with the VCC settings.  I read that I can get the sound of a Les Paul as well as a single coil and the twang of a Telecaster.

From wikipedia:
The Voice Contour Control (VCC) is similar to coil splitting, in that it changes the tone of a humbucking pick-up to that of a single coil, but it does it by turning the tone knob. In doing so the musician can get every sound from the humbucker to the P-90 to the single coil and all points in between, all without the hum normally associated with single coils. In other words, it gives the player the option of a warm/thick humbucker sound, or a thinner single coil sound at the twist of a knob. With VCC at 10 on the guitar knob, you get a fuller, thicker sound characteristic of humbucking pickups.


It sounds and looks great!  My only qualm is that it is top heavy.  The necks goes down when I sling it on my shoulders.  I am planning to move the rear strap button to make it balanced.

It is also missing the tremolo bar and they did not have the correct size at Guitar Center.  Any ideas?

Any more information about the guitar would be great!

Thank you for looking!