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is there any other way to retrive the serial number on an AB 20


about 10 years ago i had an accident and broke the upper neck of my AB 20 (i bought that one back in 1994/95).
Since i moved a lot in that time it stranded at a buddys   place. Well and some month ago i got it back.

So i brought it to a proper german "Zupfinstrumentenbauermeister" and did a complete rebuild of the neck !
He did a good job but accidentally overprinted the serial on the head well that is where the bass was broken. Since i cannot find any older documentation about the serial that machine had, i want to ask if you know of a different way to regain that number ?

Thank you in advance


PS. It plays and sounds as good as new, now .... :D

Washburn has a poor reputation on keeping record of electric guitar or bass guitar serial number, i doubt that they can tell you what your serial is, usually with all my electric guitars...  i take a picture of entire guitar headstock body pickups serial number and post i my photobucket or photo webhosting or computer as a record of my collection.  If you did not take a picture before you had it repaired, then there is nothing that can be done, except enjoy playing it.


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