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Hello everybody,

I am an French musician, and there is not a lot of Washburn guitars here.
I am looking for any information about a Washburn C20N, I 'll probably buy one it this week, it is in very good condition and looks great.
The seller said it has a solid cedar table... is it true?

Thanks for your help

Welcome to the forum.

Here is a bit of info.  The guitar is a all laminate guitar, not a solid wood top.  Worth $50-60 dollars US

Student grade models C10, C30, and C50 were produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but there is no specific information on these guitars.
C20 - classic style, spruce top, round soundhole, three-stripe bound body, wooden inlay rosette, mahogany back/sides/neck, 12/19-fret rosewood fingerboard, tied rosewood bridge, three-per-side nylon head, chrome tuners, available in Natural finish, mfg. 1994 only.
Grading 100% Excellent Average
N/A $70 - 100 $40 - 60
Last MSR was $180.

Thanks for the extra info re: lam and solid top.  Good to know.

Thank you very much for these informations

It seems to be the first model, with a solid top.

I will verify this tomorrow...


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