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Author Topic: 2002 EA9B ?  (Read 2170 times)

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2002 EA9B ?
« on: October 03, 2014, 09:31:18 PM »
Could one of you give me the value, and info on the EA9B, guitar?     There is no info on the search here. Or Google as  far as that goes.   SC 02101072,  so I know it is a 02 Samik in China.  It has 18-1 Grover's and I for get the pre amp name.   A slider volume and 4 0r 5 EQ sliders.   no tuner.  1/4" out and the three prong SLR out. Is it Spruce and Mahogany?   Local store has it, and I have wanted a Festival for a long while now.   It sounds ok, but plugged in to a regular amp it sounds way better.  So acoustic amp should be great.  They want 250.00 for it. And with a new soft hard case they  want 318.00 out the door. Just because I really want it, does not mean I want to pay a lot more than it is worth.  I no it is all lam, and being a 9  I would " guess " it is the lowest entry level.   But no dings or scratches, just very light surface swirls.  Neck is straight and does not need a set up, but will put new strings on it.  Nut and saddle look to be plastic.   I like the look, sound and feel of it, and that is number one, just want a fair price.    Thanks' Tom.  :)  :)  P.S.  Is it a thin mini jumbo size? Seen this mentioned on Google somewhere.   XLR.  :)
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