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Author Topic: Rare 1993 N4 Padauk Bettencourt  (Read 580 times)

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Rare 1993 N4 Padauk Bettencourt
« on: November 30, 2017, 10:43:05 AM »
Hi to everybody,
I am new in the forum,
I write to ask you all some info about my N4 Padauk.
It seems to be quite rare since from the serial it was build in june 1993 and it is the 46th of the month. It is of a very nice brown red color aged padauk, schaller floyd rose, ebony and padauk(or maple) neck, seymur duncan 59H neck pickup and L500 bridge with split coil push up system...all original except the frets that are now of steel and the push down string system installed in 1996 on near the tuners. The particularity thing is that has black logo i nstead the white one because as said from the washburn factory in the end of june 93 they finished ths white logos and they used for a couple of guitars the black ones. It sounds great and it is wonderful. Only small scratches on the body only visible under certain angles of light but come one is a lady of 25y.o. :)
Here some pictures.
With the original case.
What can be its value if I want to sold that?
Best regards from Italy