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Author Topic: 1984 HB35 --- 72mm Bridge Posts and Vibramate V7-335  (Read 1653 times)

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1984 HB35 --- 72mm Bridge Posts and Vibramate V7-335
« on: November 19, 2014, 02:50:35 PM »
Hi everyone! Soooo I've got a 1984 hb35 it's a really great guitar -love it- BEEFY sound, great build, plays a dream..

Buuut One of the bridge saddles broke and so I've been looking to replace,

As you may or may not know (from what i can find out) these early 80s washburn hb35s were made to slightly different measurements (at Samick factory with some old Ibanez and Epiphone Sheratons??) - 72mm bridge post spacing instead of the what-became-regular 74mm .. so trying to find any bridge that will fit looks to be difficult let alone a cool top end one.. ok so thats one thing

the other thing is while im at it I want to put a Bigsby B7 on it, theres something called Vibramate that uses the existing screws in your guitar so you dont need to drill in to the body. I think i need the V7-335 but does anyone know if it will fit ?? are the tailpiece holes also non standard?

This is my first mod and seems like others must have been in the same boat with this,,,

Any help is appreciated, know you'd be doing good work trying to turn this tone monster in to a big daddy bigsby slinger with me! Thanks