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Hi all !   :)  I'm new to this forum, as I finally decided to register by Washburn Acoustic Bass that I've had since 1991.  I was hoping someone could help me figure out the exact info on my bass.  I found the serial number and read on here that the 1st two numbers are usually the year, so my # starts with 9140123.  She has a beautiful finish, which I'd like to know what it's called and I would love to know how much the bass is worth.  Not sure where else to go to find this info out, so thought I'd start here.   ;)

Please let me know if you can provide any help/info for me.  MUCH appreciated!

PS - Please let me know if the 3 images below do NOT show up.




hello Katchagirl,

Here is a link to Washburn Catalog - http://www.washburn.com/media/catalogs/ look under 1990 or http://www.washburn.com/media/catalogs/pdf/Washburn1990Catalog.pdf

Thank you psp742 for your reply...  Unfortunately, that didn't really give me any info.  I see that my bass is an AB-20, but it doesn't give any pricing details or the finish name of my bass. 

If anyone else has any info on this, I'd greatly appreciate it.  I am getting ready to relocate and need to let the moving company know how much my musical equipment is worth.

THANKS again!

It looks like the finish on your bass is Woodstone Brown.  Based on a quick glance through the internets, it looks like most used AB-20's are going for around $250-350.

Hi Katchagirl,

I downloaded some information from the Washburn History..  but forgot under which section..  www.washburn.com/community/  this History section contains more detail as to wood type, hardware, msrp  and color, more specifically, click on '1990` it has info what wood used,  hardware used and general information..


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