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Author Topic: Q on Replacing Rover Case  (Read 2233 times)

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Q on Replacing Rover Case
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:14:31 PM »

While I have long been a fan of the Washburn Rover, and demonstrably so, my approximately 5-year-old cases are falling apart - though not from excessive use. The zipper pulls have (in quick succession) crumbled as if made of pot metal, and the screws that hold the fabric on to the foam body are stripped. The latter I am gluing into place; however, the zipper pulls may prove to be too costly to have repaired. I've been quoted $20 per case for labor, and would need to add the cost of the 4 pulls, if they can even find ones to fit - which is challenging because, I was told, there was no size number indicated on the back of the pull.

New cases are selling for $35 at MF. While I'm glad they're available, I have mixed feelings about spending that amount, if 5 years of light use is what I can expect out of them. I don't expect a case to last forever, of course, but I feel the pulls should not fall apart before there is visible wear on the case itself.

What puzzles me is this: MF's description of the replacement case (which, based on the pictures, looks identical to mine) is below:

    Wood construction
    Textured nylon covers
    Plush lining
    Heavy-duty hinges
    Locking central latch

This would be quite a change from the cases that came with my Rovers! But looking at the picture, I rather doubt it really has wood construction, heavy-duty hinges, and a locking central latch. I'd like to inquire here of any Washburn experts or fellow Rover players who have replaced their cases - is this description accurate? MF has been dead wrong before on something significant in their product descriptions, and I suspect this is another case ... if you'll pardon the pun! :D

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