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Author Topic: x10 info needed  (Read 2867 times)

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x10 info needed
« on: February 03, 2015, 07:38:15 PM »
Looking for the radius on the nut.
I hear it's 42mm nut. But is the bottom flat or have a bottom radius ? What is top radius ?

I heard it's alot like a fender nut ? This true ? Same radius ?

I bought a righty hss x10. But I'm a lefty. And I need to get a new nut. I will likely break it trying to remove to flip/ turn it.

Also anyone use different capacitor in it ? Upgrade stock pick ups ? What did ya install ?


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Re: x10 info needed
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2015, 09:48:03 AM »
There's two kinds of guitar that I figure would probably NOT EVER have a curve-bottom nut: (1) non-Fender, & (2) inexpensive. You've got a $100 Washburn, so there ya go. ;D Of course, you could determine that REALLY quick by removing the nut...

If you doubt me, then just get a Graph Tech "three point" nut. Better still, take the old nut out -- you're gonna do it anyway, right? -- & bring it to a real-world shop where you'll pay a dollar more than eBay but any counterman can easily ensure you get a nut with the correct lenth & thickness, BOTH of which are MUCH more important than radius.

IME, fretboard radius doesn't matter-- it doesn't vary all that much among Stratoclones, especially (see previous) low-end guitars.

That means you'd simply need to buy whatever's out there, then carve some of the slots a little AND sand the bottom until you get exactly what YOUR guitar needs. To clarify: there's NO SUCH THING as a "drop-in replacement nut". You could just drop one in, & if you're fortunate, & your guitar generic enough,  it'll be... okay.

I buy used guitars, often cheap because they're "broken," & one of the common problems is an unadjusted "drop in" nut (usually Graph Tech Tusq!!) that's clearly either waaay too high or so low that strings are RESTING on Fret One. Apparently, having swapped the nut, they don't even THINK of putting the old one back in -- clearly an ID-10T error.
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Re: x10 info needed
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2015, 10:14:27 AM »
I bought one a few weeks ago. And sanded and shaped. Adjusted the neck.
the neck adjustment is on the bottom of the neck. By the 1st single coil. Round bolt with holes in it. To turn it. First guitar with this style .
usually at the neck and use a Allen wrench. But not this guitar.

Fyi. This guitar is a $200 guitar.  Not that it makes a huge difference.
Added a orange drop capacitor.  And got some new parts coming. The bridge humbucker is to heavy and muddy. Not clean sounding.

I use a fender champion 40 amp and a digitech rp255.
Washburn sent me a tech reply with the info I needed.
thank you washburn tech support.

Ohm check.
single coil is around 8 ohm. Same as middle. Middle a tad higher 8.35 ohm.

The bridge was 8.85 ohm.

I figured I'd see a 10 to 13 ohm reading on the humbucker. because how heavy the sound.

I've played . With generic guitars and brand name.
basswood. Mahagony . Alder. Laminate.

To me. The wood does not change the tonal properties much.
it's more about a good neck and good frets and good pick ups and humbucker.

Orange drops capacitor sometimes really improve the sound and sometimes they dont.

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Re: x10 info needed
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2015, 11:26:57 AM »
here, I wanted to share some pictures and some information.

I started stated to learn last year. and I am still learning, long way to go. but I also kind of dive into guitars in a way, that is not as common as others.

My first guitar was a washburn li15. I might have a picture of it.

However. I use to won a Ibanez ex170 and a Ibanez ex120.

I modded most of my guitars, thru painting them, different parts, ext.

ex 170, painted green, I do my own work.

here is a peavey raptor. not a bad guitar.

ibanex ex120,

I found the pic, washburn li115.

I changed out the humbuckers, as they were week and not the greatest sounding. cant recall if the upgrades are seen in the picture of not.

my current collection, as I sold the Ibanez guitars. while I liked them, I felt they just were to heavy of a sound that I am not yet into playing. and I don't really like the wider, flat neck.

I dyed and painted, assemble and mod. lots of work on that one, kits are not always fun and sometimes, just come with junk parts.

The red les paul builder kit, clone, I did, with better pafs and caps installed. I like the sound, but the neck and string height, I never could get right. while it sounds great, the string height could not be resolved to my satisfaction. so I don't play it like I want too and the I just don't like the wider, flatter neck radius.

the right one on the wall, a silvertone, ssh, strat clone, I painted also, Added different picks ups and a Duncan designed humbucker  with a orange drop .023 and a .o47 orange drop. I like playing this guitar a lot and I love the sound from it.

The green, one I painted with the white ssh, has wilkenson pick ups in the neck and middle, a alder body, a fender squire neck. The humubker, I forget the name of it, was about a $40 humbucker and sounds decent. gives a lighter smooth sound, not as bass heavy as the silver tone, its a good to pick up to play for some lighter tonal songs.

orange drop, .047 in both for the neck and humbucker., compared to the silvertone with the neck having a .023 .

washburn x series on the left.

You can see the neck adjustment, that I mentioned, by the first neck pick up. I have some different knobs ordered, so right now they have a non matching sets on them.

I am going to add a wilkenson paf into the bridge and see how it sounds. Id like to have a cross between a les paul and a strat. Since I do not like the Gibson necks. I had a epiphone les paul special 2, that I gave to my father. Since I just don't like the flatter neck neck.

So I want to experiment some and see how it will sound and transition from middle to neck position. I will likely have to change out the pots and added a .023 cap and a .047., but they current wiring and options in the guitar do not allow for me to do this.

So I have to look at a range of wiring diagrams and maybe even drill and add another tone knob somewhere. as the tone currently is only controlling the neck and middle and not the humbucker. Seems the only way to tweak the humbucker is with the volume knob and always effect loudness with using that as a adjustment option.

So not sure, what I will do, since I am still thinking about how to do it, or which way to go.

here is a few more pictures.

I took a s11 st cheap guitar and redid it, paitn, and different picks ups, ect and paint. job.

what it first looked like-

I turned it into this -

heres that epiphone les paul special 2, I mentioned, I gave it to my dad.

I took this first act guitar, it was a mess. sounded bad, its super cheap, neck issues, you name it.

Well I routed out a picket for a neck humbucker, changed a lot of parts and just did a different look to it, bridge was changed too.

here is what it looked like when done-

I used ibanes inf 3 and inf4 humbuckers and a les paul bridge. and wiring was set up like it, but with out 4 knobs, pots, set up. two knob and 3 way switch set up.

heres another one I had, a squire infinity series.

It was stock and I didn't keep it long. but it was okay.

A flying v, mod and fix for a friend.

The guy thought the one wing, as I would call it was too long, So he wanted me to cut it and reshape. this cheap flying v, was made out of laminate. the neck had a issue and the stock caps were crap.

I tried to get the neck to look close to original , but I didn't get the size and the font, just right for the new decal.

He wanted yellow, with a black edge side line.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I do all these with spray can and a lot of time goes into them and getting them looking good and sounding better. Its a good hobby and I wanted to learn more then just how to play the guitar.