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info for ps2000 needed


Hi, I have a PS2000 CRB, it is said that apx 50 of these were made.  There is s pic of one on a site with a certificate stating production #53 with a sn#9905122 with mfg date in2000.  Mine is s#9904039 made in 1999.  What production # would it be, and how would I get a  cert for it?  I'm thinking of selling it and a cert would be a plus.

ThxHackrider.  Dwa945.yahoo.com

The one is on axology web site.  It's a PS2000 FCB flame Carmel burst. 


Based on information I received from a Washburn custom shop partner; the production number is not tracked with the serial number.
Your serial number indicates the PS2000 you have was built in
99 - 1999
04 - April
039 - the 39th guitar built that month. Not just Paul Stanley guitars, but ALL guitars manufactured by Washburn's Custom shop in the month of April.

Not many of the FCBs were were built. You have rare bird indeed. IMO, the COA is for fan collectors. High end guitar collectors know if a guitar is legit based on the serial number and a few other factors that only the USA custom shop uses.

I too own a very limited run PS guitar and cannot find a COA anywhere. The Washburn guy I know assured me it is the real deal. He says that Washburn was contracted to build 50 but many less were made due to the low sales and high price tag.

Ps 2000 FCB is now on EBay no reserve.


thank you for sharing this information. This is a new information for me. I appreciated for this post.thank you so much


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