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Any love for the Pilsens?


Tony Raven:
When I'm out looking for guitars, I sometimes see a Washburn type that's clearly a cousin to the Idols, but a little closer to the LP-type shape (without being Just Another Clone).

The PI-prefix guitars -- a.k.a. Pilsen Idol & also the ~2001 E-Type & more-recent P2 or PII or whatever -- get very little mention anywhere, even here. In 2005, while WI was down to just one model, the E had three, inlcuding a semi-hollow.

Like the current (Just Another Clone) WIN "Idols," the Pilsen has gone through odd changes, though some aren't bad, like the 2005 PI-70 that is so obviously the Idol shape without the PI/E "hunchback" horn.

If you're reading this & you've got any hands-on experience, or even a sighting, feel free to jump in.


While the WI series was aimed at the PRS crowd (finish, special inlays, light weight)
The Pilsen series was aimed at the Les Paul crowd, heavier body, finish level varies
PI70 was a basic mahogany body with maple top, basic opaque color finish, simple fret board with no binding which is the equivalent to the Les Paul studio
the PI80 was a step up with flamed maple top, burst finish, body and neck binding.
the PI90 was closer to the Les Paul custom, black or white finish block inlays, weight relief body.

personaly I own a PI80 and a WI590.

Tony Raven:
Good to know!!

Actually, what got me interested in the WI series in the first place was a PI-70, which I missed out on & this sent me into research mode -- the WI-66V is a great compromise, but I still can't help but wonder about "the one that got away," & that led me 'round to the rest of the Pilsens.

Though the Idols have some cachet in the market, nobody seems aware of the Pilsens except as a minor "Nuno" model... but IME there's probably others out looking for info, & I hope they'll fetch up here to share what they DO know.

The Idol has nothing to do with Nuno.

if you still want a USA idol, try this one

WI566, it's a slimmer body with Mahogany Back and Maple top
binded fretboard and abalone inlays.

I own one, it's lighter and plays like a dream.


Tony Raven:
As with many things Washburn, confusion comes in when names get repurposed.

I first heard "Pilsen" applied to the P Series carved-top guitars, in the late '90s. These (as I said) were later rebranded as the E Series, then Centurian (a.k.a. CT), then back to P.

In the 1997-1998 catalogue, Bettencourt is clearly playing a P4SIG, with the caption Nuno Bettencourt with his signature P4 in Tiffany Blue.

The "Pilsen" name reappeared in 2005 attached to the PI70, clearly an Idol, which sure looks the same as the 2007 WI70.


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