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Author Topic: Help please identifying Washburn bass  (Read 3453 times)

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Help please identifying Washburn bass
« on: April 15, 2015, 01:37:05 PM »
Hello, i'm new to the community, nice to meet u, my name is Patryk and i'm from Poland

i've just received Washburn bass, but i dont know what's the model and year of produce of this beauty, he have been converted to a fretless by luthier, here're the pics:

It says Bantam on the headstock, and it has serial number as follows: S4082624 the last one is scrached, he's 5 string, but it's not XB500 coz of the pickups used, they re different, they re jazz type, and theres also Washburn wrote on them, it also has switch, XB500 does not have it.

I've tried find any part of it in Washburn catalogs, but i've failed.

Please help me.
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Re: Help please identifying Washburn bass
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 04:40:48 PM »
Ok, everything is fine, the Washburn support was faster than forum specs :)

Your bass was made in Korea in 1996.  It is an XB500. There were variations in the pickups used.
The version you have was made after the catalog images were taken, and the catalog images
all show the other version.
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I'm satisfied, Korean means better than Indonesia or China to me, and its before 2000, i'm pretty sure they were made as should back then :)

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Re: Help please identifying Washburn bass
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2015, 02:56:12 PM »
heya beatdeath---------one of our guys at the Washburn Club on Talkbass is our resident expert on the XB series. In fact a few of us know way more about their basses than Washburn themselves as we actively seek out all the history, and quite often find Washburn's advice to be simply wrong. Here is what he wrote:

This guy asking the model and the year of his new Washburn bass here. Washburn support replied him that his bass is an 1996 and that they write a wrong story about the pick-up options on XB-500… The serial of the bass is S4082624 and every body here know that the bass is not an 1996 but an 1994 and the JJ pups config with the pups selector switch was only available in 1994, the guy at Washburn support was "out of his shoes" (out of his mind).

He is , btw, 100% correct and the serial number by itself should have been the first clue to the Washburn "answer" guy.

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Re: Help please identifying Washburn bass
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2015, 04:05:15 PM »
Hello beatdeath,

Welcome to the Washburn forum, I have the 6-string version XB-600 with black flame top..  Jazz type pickups, also made in Korea..  I have XB-400 natural matte (butterscotch), XB-500 black, XB-600 black flame top, and RB2000 black..   All are made in Korea..

XB-600 -,23778.0.html

XB-500 -,23500.0.html

XB-400 - [url]

I posted the information I gathered about each bass I own and it's in the Bantam section..  Enjoy that bass.
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Re: Help please identifying Washburn bass
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2015, 02:33:59 PM »
My XB-500 (1996) has soapbars & active circuitry. Plays beautifully, like my three XB-400s. All of them the "four knobs, no switch" config, & the "S" (Samick) prefix.

Hey, psp742 -- looks like WE'RE "XB experts" too!! 8)

Anyway, the 1994 pricelist says the 500 had "active WB940 Series" pickups, but I've seen a few Bantams for sale with the J/J pickups. One right now, as a matter of fact:

I'm of the belief that the XB-400/-500 were some of the best basses ever made by anyone, especially under -$1,000. They're under-rated, though, so <$300 w/HSC is typical,
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