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Author Topic: QC again  (Read 1157 times)

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QC again
« on: August 23, 2015, 03:51:30 AM »
Has anyone noticed how many 'new' Washburn acoustics there are on ebay with blemishes. These have come from the factory, or the factory is outing them through various dealers. A lot of them are the Lakeside series and a few Solo Deluxe creeping in. I recently bought a Lakeside Jumbo and the first two went back. The second came from the UK distributor with a chipped and cracked neck.

I just bought the Solo Deluxe and it took the UK distributor two weeks to send it to the shop. They said the delay was QC????? One of the tuner knobs had some tarnishing on it. Was this the best of the bunch I wonder?

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