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Author Topic: WI66PROV and VCC  (Read 2383 times)

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« on: October 23, 2015, 06:21:06 PM »
I'm just not happy with the VCC. Contemplating gutting and reworking the wiring. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. on what I should consider. I have a Gibson LP traditional with push / pull pots that I like the versatility they give, but geeze, I hate the weight of the guitar after a while. Love my Idol, so I want to improve it to the point that the Gibby can stay in the stand.

Should I invest the time / money/ effort?

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Re: WI66PROV and VCC
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2015, 09:36:31 PM »
welcome to the forum mapdude55,

I have an Idol WI-64 and have no issues with the VCC, since i don't mess with the tone much, have other guitars with push-pull coil split so it's not an issue with me.  my suggestion is if you do plan on changing the electronics out, keep the original guts and pickups in a box (note contents are Idol WI66PROV) and you have an open canvas, choose what ever brand humbuckers you want, and install electronics which you want, 5-way super strat switch (Schaller E+E Plus), push-pull pot (for parallel / serial), custom knobs, and more..  Sorry can't help you with the wiring diagram.

If you like he Gibby electronics system, you could copy it to your Idol, but that would make it sound almost the same except in a lighter body..  Personally i would just keep it stock.
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Re: WI66PROV and VCC
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2015, 11:01:08 PM »
You'll have to give me photos or a link to an old ad or something, because for the life of me I can't find reference to a 66PROV in my notes. Is that for "vintage" or "vibrato"?

I ask because, as chance would have it, last week I bought a 2002 WI-66V (S-type trem), & had it sitting across my knee as I checked in here. Eventually, I'd like to add a 66ProG. So, I'm interested in learning more about the 66ProV.
Should I invest the time / money/ effort?
Well, if you're gonna PLAY it, then yeah. ;)

As '742 says, the best way is probably to start by removing what you're not going to use, & keep it as intact as possible. The better Idols are holding value real well, & you might improve future resale value by merely keeping an old shoebox safe until then.

Me, I'm not a collector, & the people I sell to would rather have the best-sounding/-playing axe I can give them than something that's been kept to warts-&-all 100% original. With the 66V, the first thing I'd upgrade is the weedy little tone block. Then, put in some FULL-SIZE pots -- those super-minis just LOOK wrong, & cannot possibly have much resistive surface so they'll get noisy rather fast.

You can get LP or SG upgrade harnesses pre-built for <$100. Kits of all the loose parts you'll need are like $36-$80 at Stewart-MacDonald, so you KNOW you can pay less. Anyway, search engines are your friend:

If you want something that's fast AND cheap AND easy, how does $7.50 sound?
Of course, each of "fast/cheap/easy" tends to mean compromised tone.

Cost is the easiest to control. You can find military-spec sealed pots for less than $10 each.

And you'd do much better to decide NOW on your components, then find a piece of thin plywood or heavy cardboard or Masonite or perspex or whatever. On this, you draw (precisely as you can) where the holes are for the switch & pots in your Idol. Drill these out, & mount your hardware to it, then do all your soldering THERE rather than trying to put everything together inside your guitar. When it's all ready, you just dismount it, put it in the guitar, attach the pickup wires, & you're done.

As for the VCC... well, IMNSHO, the jury's still out. On my h-h guitars, I rarely do ANYTHING with the Tone knobs, instead working from the amp or pedals. The knobs are much more important with my s-s-s guitars.

I like the VCC for giving me the ability to produce an "almost single" tone, so I can (for instance) get a nice blues wail from the neck pickup, but easily go back to a full-on humbucker with no fuss.

Actually, when I started to desire more versatility of tone, beyond what I could get from ONE switch & a knob or four, I did the SMART thing: bought a Roland VG-88 & a hex pickup. 8)
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Re: WI66PROV and VCC
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2015, 12:00:25 AM »
Went back and looked again, and I must have been on pluto or somewhere. I have a WI66PROF, not a PROV. No idea where I got that from.

Just not happy with the way the wiring is working. It seems to me, the volume control really ramps up very quickly from 0 to about 2 the there is not much increase in the volume any more until you get to about 8, then it begins to ramp up some more until you max out. The VCC controls seem to provide more volume when at the extreme ends of their range (0 or 10) and the volume kind of drops out in between.

I find if I set my amp up like I want it, the WI66 plays a lot louder than my Gibson LP or my Fender Strat. Just does not seem to be able to finesse the output with the WI66 than I can with the other guitars. I'm like you. I am not a collector, I want to have a usable guitar that is not a struggle to use.