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My Washburn D-20s/n

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My Washburn D-20s/n, solid spruce top, maple back & sides, bought new 1989, built 1988 according to serial number.
It's my first own guitar, payed with the money from a summer job when I was 16.
The frets are very worn, I think of getting them fixed.
I love her sound and it looks beautiful!
I installed a tusq saddle recently and it sounds even better.

Here are some pictures from the couch:  ;D

Added her battered sister here, a D-30S/N with cedar/bird`s eye maple from 1989:,24624.0.html

my newest addition  :D
Washburn D-61 SW12 (full solid spruce/ovangkol from 1989),24753.msg155871.html#msg155871

The only thing better than seeing a nice new guitar, is looking at an older one that's been well loved and played throughout its life. Nice Guitfiddles man!!

Here you can hear my Washburn D-20s/n play in a low tuning:


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