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Dimebolt 333


Not sure if this is in the right place, but I've only just signed up, and it's only really because I'm looking for advice on selling a guitar.

So I've got a Washburn Dimebolt 333(think that's the official name) which I don't use.
I feel it's going to waste just sitting in the case.
It's in mint condition, and as suggested, comes with a hard case.
I believe it's the Korean version, whatever that means.
Here's a photo

Like I said, mint condition, never played, comes with the hard case and still has all the cards etc. as if bought new.

What sort of price can I expect to get for it?

Edit: If anyone here is interested, I should mention that I'm from the UK, and so shipping overseas isn't something I'm preprepared to do due to cost and risk of damage.

Is it still available?

Still up for grabs.
UK only, as stated in original post.

Just to note, I had pretty much forgotten I'd posted this here, which is why I haven't been keeping an eye on this.


I am not an expert,but think yours might cost little bit more as the condition is much better plus you have all the documents that confirm the original origin of the guitar.

Probably people here can give you better answers than me on price, but think you can have a good deal.


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