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Tony Raven:
I'm still working on my list of the X models. Naturally (being Washburn), nothing is simple. Okay, it's not as much of a mess as the contemporaneous WI Idols, but it's nowhere near so straightforward as the (somewhat messed-up) Maverick family.

Let's start it off with a few oddities.

Foremost would be the X-3, actually a group of models for which I can find reference only in Australia. If you were to believe the numbering system, it'd be reasonable to expect that this would be a short-scale version (like the X-5) &/or an "entry"model (like the X-10). Here's two retailers:

--- Quote ---Washburn X3PRO Electric Guitar Solid Archtop Maple body, bolt-on Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay, Tune-o-Matic bridge, string-thru body construction, 2 x Washburn HH pickups, 1 vol & 1 tone controls, 5 way toggle switch, diecast tuners. Includes paded gigbag.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---WASHBURN X3 PRO BK Electric Guitar Maple Archtop Mahogany Body Bolt On Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard Tune-o-Matic Bridge String Thru Body Dual Washburn Humbucking Pickups Padded Gigbag Black Finish
--- End quote ---
The latter showed a version with no fretboard inlays.

There were also variants. Per my notes:

* X-3PRO -- Solid arch Top Maple Body, rosewood fingerboard (BLK, WS) $599
* X-300PROBSK -- Satin Top Mahogany Body, crossbones inlay, EMG HZ (Black Satin) $729
* X-3QPRO -- Quilt Top, Mahogany Body, rosewood fingerboard (BC, QA)    $729
* X-3QFRPROBCH -- Quilt Top, Mahogany Body, Floyd Rose Locking Trem (Black Cherry) $829(Don't be too sticker-shocked: not only AUD, but MSRP, so an X-10 is tagged $349.  ::))

Devilishly difficult to find even THAT info -- any photos or hands-on reports would be appreciated!  8)

More recently, I made my first sighting of an X-29 -- h-h ("Select / Designed by EMG", closed covers), black carvetop w/creme binding (unbound neck), black headplate, maple boltneck, rosewood fbd, 24 frets, offset dots, through-body, TOM, Grovers, black hardware, 3-way blade, 2 knurled knobs (V/T), MIC.

It looks like a more "shred" X-30, plus that bound top. It's got a heel plate rather than the 30's ferrules. The 29 looks to be the highest-numbered X with offset dots -- everything above has either the fret-12 "X" or nothing at all.

A very pretty beast, & a worthy sibling of the X-33 if not X-40.

The marketplace is GLUTTED with X-10, priced anywhere $50-$200 (:o). Many of the sellers persist in calling it a "Pro" model; roughly half call it an "X Series" model & have no first clue what it actualy is.

I own one, & while it's not terrible, there's nothing to recommend it, particularly when you see all the $150 Mercury (MG) & $100 BT-2 out there.

And with such a wild range of pricing, higher-end X models show some confusion as well. Last week, I barely missed a $130 X-40. :'( I'm presently pondering TWO X-30s, $150 each -- one demure in Walnut, the other quite striking in gloss white with covered gold-plate pickups & white rings; a 2004, so no X inlay.

Sorry, no idea on the X-series model.  i in fact own a 2005 X-33 Korean made, its a 3 single coil carved top, strat style.

Tony Raven:
Yep; I too have a black X-33, later model without the "X" inlay. It makes Fender Standard Strat owners take notice.  :D

There's also the X-2, but that one I know nothing about past an old advert blurb.
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Tony Raven:
Oh, wow, I am indeed a lazy slug. I intended to have this thread built up a bit more by now.

I'll work my way around to the "easy" models listed in Blue Book. Before then, some misfits & oddities.

This was posted in these very Forums, 21 July 2010, discussing an imaginary X-51VPRO & leading to this color scheme --


The X-200 really needs its own post, as there's multiple variants. If it follows Washburn's quirky model-numbering system, I suspect it's mostly an upgrade X-20... but then again it was created in order to represent the X Series in what looks like a one-off project:
--- Quote ---The Washburn 200 PRO Series was designed around the single premise to create a truly professional series of guitars offering the best value for money in today's electric guitar market.
--- End quote ---
One source said the 200's were sold Europe-only (but a few are reviewed on Russian sites) & another that there were six series represented (but I've only confirmed mention of the X & the Idol).

Here's a couple of swipes to whet the palate.


Then, there's the X-300.


Finally (for now), I find mention of at least a dozen X-50 variants, mostly top wood, & see that there's some confusion between the X-40 & X-40PRO, but I'll get to it eventually. 8) Here's one of each (both Q) posed with a WG-587.

Tony Raven:
A crumb more on the X-200, from a long-gone Dolphin Music (UK) page:

--- Quote ---The Washburn 200 PRO Series was designed around the single premise to create a truly professional series of guitars offering the best value for money in today's electric guitar market. As such, all six models in the range feature either Seymour Duncan or EMG USA pickups, top-class specifications.

The X200 PRO features the classic Washburn X-Series body shape with a pair of Seymour Duncan '59 and Seymour Duncan Custom Custom pickups with coil tap. Like all models in the 200 PRO series, the X200 PRO features a solid body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, the acclaimed Buzz Feiten Tuning System TM, Grover 18:1 tuners, Tune-O-Matic bridge, quality hardware, and comes with a deluxe Washburn gig bag included.

The X200 PRO is available in a choice of Trans Black, Trans Red and Trans Blue finishes.
--- End quote ---


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