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Anyone know a proper bridge replacement for an XB-500? The ones I've seen at my local shops have wider spacings.


just search 5-string bass bridge on eBay and you will get numerous options.. This is my Bantam XB500, which i upgraded the bridge - http://forums.washburn.com/index.php/topic,23500.0.html  - note i had to fill in a few of the bridge screw holes and re-drill but overall i like the 5-string bridge i chose, which is similar to the bridge in Mercury Series. Hope it helps you.

I suggest that you measure the string space between the 1st and 5th string.. (!-!-!-!-!-!).. end to end.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Economy-Chrome-5-String-Bass-Bridge-BB-3440-010-/381563620542?hash=item58d6f6ccbe:g:2jEAAOSw~bFWKcEv - looks promising if the measurement is the close, it seems good choice


http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-CHROME-5-STRING-BASS-GUITAR-BRIDGE-/182182495261?hash=item2a6aec441d:g:Lg0AAOSwGWNUW74k - does not mention string to string measurement, so i suggest asking seller.

Not sure if you want a direct drop in or not, but i believe the bridge is made by 'Jinho'


Thanks for the reply. Measured the spacing and its 2-9/16. Not sure how big a difference the economy bridge will make on it (small or unplayable cause the strings are past the fretboard). The second link looks like what came on my bass. ill ask the seller what spacing it has.

that's a really nice xb-500 btw.

thanks, it is actually a beater when i got her, i fixed the paint chips and such..  after some TLC, she is better now.

Tony Raven:
If the bridge is too narrow, no big thing, the strings sit further inside from the neck edges. In the bottom twelve frets, you'll never notice the difference.

If it's too wide, then one or both of the outside strings might pull off more easily -- again, in the bottom twelve frets, you'd probably never notices.

There are bridges that allow you to tweak the string-to-string width. Allparts has one for $35 retail, width variable 2 7/16 to 2 5/8.
The advantage of this is that some players (like me) prefer consistent spacing measured side-to-side rather than center-to-center.


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