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Missing push/pull on PXL10QWBM - why would it be missing?

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Afternoon Washburners,

I picked up a PXL10QWB online and it's in excellent shape. However, there is no coil splitting/push pull switches on the tone knobs. According to the catalog at http://www.washburn.com/media/catalogs/pdf/USM-WPX2014_011014_LoRes.pdf   that PXL 10 series should have push/pull.

Any thoughts on why it's missing? First run guitar missing a feature? Someone removed it for different pots? (why would someone do that?). 

Any help appreciated! 


Not sure if the feature you mention is design of guitar as it was introduced or revised added features.  I don't think it will hurt to ask information on the guitar from the person you got it from...  Ask if he bought it that way or it was modded, if it wasn't then you have option to do the wiring yourself (assuming you have some skill in using soldering iron)  just need wiring schematics for the thing you want.  Good luck.


lone wolf:
Hi, What is the serial number?


I have the same problem with my brand new PXM20eftbm
I sent an email to Washburn.

The PXM20EFTBM shouldn't have push/pull knobs since that model utilizes EMG active pickups. The specification is wrong in the catalog and has been corrected on the Website.


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