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Author Topic: Good Luthier around the Boston area?  (Read 951 times)

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Good Luthier around the Boston area?
« on: August 10, 2016, 09:40:31 AM »
Hello all, brand new to the forums...

I have recently had an N4 body made for me, about 15% bigger than the real one, because I'm a big guy and the Washburn guitar was made for Nuno's size! :)

The body is made of Brazilian mahogany and it weights a ton and a half, which is all good, I have no problems with it, the neck is a standard Washburn N4.

So here is my problem, I got this guitar in pieces, it was made in Brazil then sent over to me, I took it to a Luthier in Boston, will not mention names, and gave him these exact instructions :"Make this guitar great, I don't care what it costs", a month or so later he calls me saying the guitar was done and ready for pick up, I was very excited, only to get there and find that he had not crowned the frets or polished them, the bent screws attaching the floyd's spring tensor were still in place, the floyd itself was still the old one, so on and so forth, at least the guitar was set up properly, though the action was a tad too low, and he charged me accordingly for the work, about $80, so I thought: "Hey, all I lost was time, and at least the guitar is playable now", all good...

well, fast forward 8 months and the guitar is now a bow, I have no idea what happened, it was kept hanging in the wall of my studio, barely played, if I'm honest...
what I can say is that if I apply slight pressure in the neck, while holding the body, not much really, the strings do get much closer to having normal action, the floyd is straight, so the problem is not there, it really is something to do with the neck joint...

So here is my question, I believe this guitar i special enough that I want it to be gone through by as good a luthier as I can find and finally get my request met, to mak the guitar great, money no option, as I said, I'm in the Boston area, who should I be looking at?

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Re: Good Luthier around the Boston area?
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2016, 01:40:52 AM »
Well, digging through the beat-up Rolodex, all I can find is Steve Morrill or Brant Greishaber .

No, I don't know either of 'em but, given your experience, I certainly hope that neither was responsible for what your "luthier" did.  :o
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