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Author Topic: This old washburn??? take 2 (with pics)  (Read 23672 times)

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Re: This old washburn??? take 2 (with pics)
« Reply #30 on: April 14, 2015, 02:01:55 PM »
Ha HAH!  What you have is one of the first SB-40 series starting in 1980! It looks passive with no battery compartment AND I notice the circuit cover matches the wood---that was changed to brushed aluminum. When I say you have one of the first, I mean FIRST as they quickly added a small toggle switch (which gives a great sort of minimal OD/phaser effect) at the rear of the knobs and made it active. Yours is <i>really</i> beautiful BTW and unusually gorgeous wood. I own 2 SB-40's--one I bought new in Los Angeles in 1980! My original pickups work fine and deliver VERY good tone. And yes, it is WING series headstock. It sold for about $750 new. Quite pricey for the times. SB-40 is my <b>favorite</b> bass (I have 6 basses including a brand-new condition 1980 Washburn B20 and a Langcaster bass (only 12 in the world---go check out !) IMHO the neck action in SB-40 is superior to anything I have ever played.  I also own an '83 Force 40 which is exactly like its SB-40 predecessor, but the nut was changed to plastic and the headstock is 4-in-line tuners.  Wow------keep hold of it---<u>quite</u> rare!! Unfortunately, few people know anything about them so they do not command a high sales price. Lucky for me cuz my second SB-40 with original documentation and case only cost me 500 bucks! I guess you can tell I am a nut about the SB-40s! Man-oh-man if you ever wanna sell it I am call out dibs to be first offer!!!

If you're still interested in this bass -I can send more pics-my links appear to have gone away-looking to thin out my herd

Greg Percy