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Author Topic: M1SDL  (Read 1576 times)

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« on: September 29, 2016, 12:49:48 AM »
Okay, so the M1S is one of Washburn's longest-lived instruments. It's also... well, boring -- typical A-type F-hole in orangey sunburst.

I'd just sold my old plywood Johnson MA-100B for cheap because it was almost unplayable & really not worth  the time or cash to fix it... but at least it was gloss black with one-ply white binding.

So instead of the M1S, I found a Mike Kelly "A Solid" (yep, that's what they called it) in a satin-finish reddish two-tone burst, for maybe half what their F-types go for, & also more highly reviewed. Hand-carved spruce top, maple back & sides, no plywood. I tell you, the tone's so sweet it'd bring tears to your eyes. If I play it regularly, it'll only get sweeter.

And then I saw a Washburn M1SDL. Snagged one used for maybe half what the MK cost me, & included a good case.

The M1SDL suffers from being confused with the M1S & the even cheaper M1K... leading me to wonder whether Washburn goes out of their way to hire idiots to come up with sale-killing ideas. >:(

The M1SDL comes in some really standout colors -- gloss black (-DLB, which I got), transparent red (-DLTR), transparent blue (-DLTB). The colors cost a little more, but any can be had for under $200 new. It's also an oval-hole. And the headstock is an F-style silhouette, which makes me smile. And it's got a proper raised pickguard so I can brace my pinky for accurate picking. Compared to the MK, the tuners are more robust & the nut is better slotted.

Downside: the pickguard bracket is poorly fitted, & I'll have to get around to redrilling the hole. That's about it.

Did I mention the sound? Not so much the MK's sweet delicate tone. In fact, the Washburn has some serious bark to it, able to hold its own onstage. It's a great instrument for a guitarist who wants to double.

And that unfortunate model number means you'll find used ones racked right alongside its lesser siblings, at the same under-$150 price point & often a bit less. Unless you are pro enough to need an all-solid Washburn -- at triple the cost -- you owe it to yourself to try an M1SDL.
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