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Author Topic: J10 Orleans Serial numbers  (Read 2150 times)


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J10 Orleans Serial numbers
« on: October 04, 2016, 10:23:28 PM »
I picked up my 1st Washburn Jazz Electric Archtop last week, Model J10 "Orleans" and as far as I have read it was only made a couple years. 1995-96 , the serial number is on a small white paper label hand written in ink pen that is stuck on the larger washburn label, it reads : 9412010 , I just touched it with a pencil tip and it fell right off as the label glue was old, while off I looked for any signs of numbers on the Large washburn label and saw nothing; so it glued it right back in place. Do you suppose the other was hard to read and previous owner stuck that on ? or was that factory.  I have had a hard time finding info on this guitar as well, the sales brochure doesn't seem to exist online where I usually can find them.  Any info on my J10 Orleans would be greatly appreciated. Its in excellent to mint condition, looks to have spent most of its life in its case, and I am floored with its sound and quality beyond a doubt.   Thank you

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Re: J10 Orleans Serial numbers
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2016, 08:35:18 PM »
Your information is mostly reliable... sort of. Not far off, but perpetuating misinformation that you maybe got from sellers, right?

Start with official sources. Per the 1995 pricelist --

648mm SCALE / 43mm NUT

No changes for 1996 pricelist.

However, it most certainly WAS in the 1994 pricelist, albeit without all the above info filled in. I guessed this would be there as your serial number has the "94-" prefix.

Interestingly, in 1994 it was called the "J-10-E" -- for $150 less, the J-10 had no pickup. I cannot verify that the non-wired version was ever actually produced.

Per Blue Book, yours is the second-series. The original J-10 was offered 1989-1992. The differences described between it & the Orleans version is a sharp cutaway, split-rectangle inlays, pearl-button tuners, tortie pickguard, two humbuckers (with four knobs + switch), different tailpiece, MSRP $1,799.90.

I don't know where the "only made 1995-1996" myth (or the "only sold 1995-1996" myth) originated, but it's questionable at best. The J-10 is not in the official 1997 pricelist, but Blue Book says they were "mfg. 1995-97" so it's possible that production was continued to meet demand &/or outstanding orders but scheduled to halt early- or mid-1997. And as I've said, yours was likely made 1994 -- if the number reads true (which is sporadic with Washburn  ::)), early December.

As for the label, I've seen handwritten notations & tags many times with many brands. Only recently has stuff like serial numbers & dates gained much interest amongst commoners, particularly in reference to guitars that aren't top-tier USA-handmade models. The numbers, after all, are there ONLY for internal use in ensuring that production figures are met & quality is maintained... & maybe for the first owner to register the warranty.

In that regard, Washburn owners ought to be GRATEFUL that Customer Service is often so willing to dig for information left scattered about decades ago -- maybe the company should start charging a few dollars per inquiry. ;) Half my guitar collection comes from companies that are out of business, or that have lost the paperwork in multiple changes of ownership. And then there's brands like Cort who make some excellent guitars & utterly forget them as soon as they leave the factory, so us few fans who manage to FIND each other are left sharing trivia & guessing at most of the data.
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Re: J10 Orleans Serial numbers
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2016, 09:16:56 PM »
Thank you Tony, Greatly appreciate the good info man, and I was leaning towards mine being a 94, hence the starting numbers in the serial .  It is nice to talk to someone with your knowledge. Thanks again and take care !  Mark