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I have been offered an XB 400 red with the serial number 7116651 can anybody tell me where its made and in what year

Tony Raven:
The natural-finish XB-400 is still my workhorse bass. I love the ones in transparent colors BUT a ding just totally shatters it -- the XB-500 I bought used (in teal) is missing about two square inches on the bottom bout where it was dropped, & ALL the finish came off, right down to bare wood.

The Bantams were made like 1994-2005. The 400 was made only 1994-1999 -- given that, yours is likely 1997, & at a guess rather late in the year.

I'm pretty certain they were Korea, but for anything more specific you'd have to contact Customer Service.

thanks for your info
i bought the bass now i have XB 200 Xb 400 and been offered what they owner says in a batman bass Didnt know washburn produced a Batman
the serial number is 98100785 is it a Bantam its green

Tony Raven:
I very much doubt it's a "Batman" bass -- though if it turns out to be, please post photos!!  :)

More likely he's not familiar with the word Bantam, which is no longer in common use.


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