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Author Topic: of necks and serial numbers  (Read 904 times)

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of necks and serial numbers
« on: October 31, 2016, 03:49:45 AM »
I have a theory: my recent Wash acoustics are a '13 WSJ60sk and '15 WP11sns and both employ a neck/peghead joint at the nut.  Several older acoustics (ser# prefix "C" or "CC", '10-11 dated WMJ21s, WG26s, WGO26s, WJ45s) have this neck-to-peghead scarf further up the neck at about 2nd fret. Corresponding with the "new" construction details, a prefix "SC" appears in the later serial numbers...Wonder if this denotes Samick/China? Are they from different factories? These necks work well for me, and the similarity from model to model is handy sometimes. 
    I'm always curious how many of the acoustic models have been made & sold, or for that matter, where these instruments are assembled, where parts come from, how designs have evolved. Some history and perspective... for example: I have a WG26s with tapered top braces which I prize for its sound. specs & every other Wash I've seen has scalloped braces.. .  How'd that happen in a CNC workshop?

ps actually, on closer inspection, not only the WG26s, but also my WGO26s, have tapered X-braces and scalloped tonebars, whereas my WJ45s, WSJ60skelite, WP11sns, and R320sw are all braces scalloped.  Ser. #s beginning "SC" have neck-to-headstock joint at the nut, others at 2nd fret., suggesting,  perhaps, a different factory...

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WSJ60s, WG26s, WJ45s, WGO26s,  WMJ21s, R320swrk,  D18, Tak F400-12, others...