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Author Topic: Two rare limited edition acoustics, WG2S & WG4S, for sale - excellent condition  (Read 168 times)

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Getting older and have too many guitars to give them the playing time they deserve.

So it would be nice to sell two, very hard-to-find Washburns -- a WG2S and WG4S -- here to someone who I know will appreciate them. I'll still be keeping my R321 SWRK parlor though.  :)  Can't find those anymore either except a couple still available in the UK.

Here's some photos:

Both the WG2S and WG4S have:

-Solid cedar top
-Rather stunning quilted ash back/sides
-Gold Grover 18:1 tuners
-Bone nut (1 3/4") and saddle
-Thin neck profile with Rosewood (I think) fretboard with fine 42-style abalone inlays
-Spot-on intonation
-Supremely psychedelic abalone headstock inlays
-Abalone rosette, top perimeter and backstrip
-Stylized rosewood (I think) bridge -- moustache style though not full-on like Gibsons and Taylors
-Ivoroid (I think) top, back and fretboard binding
-Excellent shape -- no dings or scratches, maybe a little swirling on the back
-Both come with a custom Washburn-branded hardshell case with an inner sleeve that covers the tops of the guitars

I have seen the WG2S described as a parlor, but it is closer to an OM with a slightly smaller upper bout. The lower bout is 15" and the upper bout is 10 3/4". It has a great tone -- lots of punchy attitude if you push it, but very good for finger style.

The WG4S, the bigger brother, is a mini-jumbo with 16" lower bout and 11 1/2" upper bout. It has more bottom end, balance and more refinement, but definitely can growl and crunch if you push it. I have found it to be a great guitar to write on.

IMHO the guitars are very complementary. They offer a great counterpoint. I've loved having both and personally I hope one buyer buys both.

Given their quality, condition and rarity, I think $525 each, shipped and PayPaled is a skookum deal. Not interested in trades.

Thanks for looking

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+1 on tone. My WG2S just sings forever.
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That WG2S looks beautiful .....  but I guess the free shipping doesn't include to Australia !  Good luck with the sale

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Thanks very much gentlemen.

I've gotten a lot of joy out of playing them and their names, BTW, are 'Mo' and 'Jo' which kinda sums up what I think about them.

Mr. Edwards -- just wondering have you ever tried the new D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings on yours? Those strings work well with the Cedar to give these guitars an incredibly clear, clean tone. I go back and forth between the Nickel Bronze and EJ16 Phosphor Bronze.