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RIP Chuck Berry


Cornish Boy:

One of the all time greats,loved and respected by many including myself..................

Same here...a great loss. I've read up on how he "managed" his performances...GEEZ, he had to go through a lot! He didn't hire any sort of management that would take care of logistics, so every time he got into a new town he had to rent a venue, hire side-players, ad infinitum, just to play his music. 

He was a true musician...one who suffered through the difficulties almost all musicians face getting their music out there for the masses.

He must have been good at it...EVERYONE knew who Chuck Berry was and his songs were instantly recognizable.

He'll be showing them how to do it in the afterlife, too!

Cheers to a great, Americian musical icon, Chuck Berry's music will live on, even if he's not.

Dugly 8)

Peace to the Brother that new how to ring our bells with his strings! God Bless! 8)

Peace Chuck ! We miss you:(


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