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What have I bought?

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Hi folks, I'm new here,so please be gentle with me.
I've just bought a Washburn, which I believe is an Idol, but I know no more about it, other than I'm told it has the wrong pickups & somebody has added an extra pot for some reason.
Any insight would be very helpful.

Tony Raven:
Definitely an Idol. What does the trussrod cover say?

I'm certain I've seen one before, but can't ID it offhand.

No such thing as "wrong" pickups on a Washburn. Seems like the most common Washburn mod is to ditch the pickups (though, personally, I've got no complaints).

More controversial is the VCC ("voice contour control") knobs in place of the usual Gibson-style Tone knobs. The idea was that instead of switching off one coil to get a "single-coil sound," the player would be able to not merely "dial in" either sound, but get anything in-between. As a bonus, the circuit offers "single-coil sound" with no hum. IME, it works pretty well... but guitar players tend to be wee small creatures with little tolerance for anything new that isn't an effects box or amp.

At a guess, I'd say the fifth knob is a Tone knob, & it looks like there's a switch to skip right past the whole VCC thing & cut from double- to -single-coil (or maybe it's a phase switch).

If I'm correct about the Tone knob, that does strike me as a little odd. Most times when someone puts in a different pickup, they gut the guitar & put in a standard Gibson-style harness. (I figure that eventually this will be seen as akin to pulling the Varitone out of an ES-355. :o) adding a knob suggests that the VCC is still there.

In any case, it suggests previous ownership by a serious player.

Thanks for your input Tony.
I won't have it in my hands for a few days, but I have found out it is a WI-66 pro e, somethinng to do with Zakk Wylde &  I think it originally came with EMG's. That would explain the Gothicy, metally fretboard inlay!

Serial number is 06091861, but I can't find it in the 2006 catalog.

Hi Brian

You've got an upgraded WI66 which came with EMG pickups
Washburn used to allow dealers to order special runs of Korean made Idols, as long as they order 50 of them.
so what you've got is one out of 50 special run WI66 Pro-E idol.

you can check out this thread for specs



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