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Hey everybody, its been a long time since Ive posted on here due to a major rip off on my USA Washburn Dime 3 diamond plate by ESP Forum member Erick Erickovich to the tune of $4000. He bought the guitar and decided to reverse the $4000 paypal transaction and keep the guitar for himself. 4 years later I bought the guitar back from a reputable guitar collector/enthusiast overseas who confirms Erick sold him the guitar. On the ESP Forum hes known as ESP Erick and has a tremendous guitar collection. I now understand how he funds that collection. Talking to him now he avoids any conversation so all I can do is make what he did public knowledge. If anyone needs to confirm if this is true I have all the paypal receipts and receipt me buying the guitar back from guitar collector he sold it to. BE AWARE of ESP Erick as he still is an active trader.

Here's a link to who stole my guitar:


Anyways, Ill be poking my head in here more often as a lot has changed at Washburn and we need to keep these special USA custom shop pieces flying high. Be cool talk soon! :)

Didn't contact the police?

It was a deal done thru PayPal where the buyer initially paid $4000 for the guitar. After he received the guitar he decided to reverse the paypal transaction for a full $4000 refund. The problem is that the guy I sold the guitar to, Erick Erickovich, took it to Russia with him. The buyer then sold my guitar for $5000 to a reputable ESP forum member EZ Guitars  in Singapore, thinking I wouldnt find out, who has confirmed that Erick Erickovich sold him the stolen guitar. PayPal's hands are tied and I'm out $4000 on the guitar.



Heads up that  thief Erick Erickovich, whom stole my $4000 USA Washburn DIME 3 Diamondplate, is active on Reverb under username ERICK's GEAR LOCKER from Kazakhstan, attempting to peddle his overpriced gear. BUYER BEWARE!!


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