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Just bought a Pilsen


I just bought a red Pilsen on Reverb. I have never really seen one for sale before. I got it for $495 shipped. It was described as excellent condition. Anybody know if that is a fair price? It appears to be an '06 model. I am hoping this will be a guitar that is worthy of being a keeper. I currently have an Ibanez SZ and Roadstar II. I love the way the SZ plays, not as much the RS but it was a gift 25 years ago from my parents so even though I don't play it I also cant part with it. My dad has a '76 Les Paul standard and I am hoping this Pilsen will keep up with it. I can find very little info on this guitar and any help is appreciated.

Tony Raven:
I'm guessing it's a PI-70. My notes say that model was only in the catalogues 2005-2006. It shows up online ~$700, so I'd say you did well in that regard.

As to whether it's "a keeper"... well, that's up to you. I mean, heck, if you can't tell us how it plays, how can we tell you if it's any good? :o

If you like Gibsons, you're in luck. Mahogany body & neck, as with an LP -- plus Duncan "Custom Custom" pickups & Grover 18:1 tuners.

Washburn Idol series are really nice.. i prefer Korean made, since made in USA are out of my budget.


You've got the basic USA Idol
Mahogany body and neck
Duncan Custom Custom at the bridge and a Duncan '59 at the neck

it might be a bit darker than the les paul since it doesn't have a maple top, but upper fret access
is much much better than the Lester.

I think you're gonna like it.



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