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Can you help identify this washburn to help a police investigation?

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Hi Guys -
I have recently had my first guitar i ever owned, bought for me when i was 12 by an uncle who has since passed away, stolen from me in the netherlands.
It's like loosing a dear friend, and although other guitars have come and go, that washburn got played every single day for the last 18years. Im realy really sad.
To top it off i have no idea of the model so am struggling to find a decent picture to put on the campaign.
Can any of you guys help identify it? (I also had my laptop and camera robbed aswrll, so can't even attach photos on this forum on my phone!!) Here is a link to the facebook campaign that has a few photos.

(Really hoping that link works)

It is a Washburn steel string dreadnought (i think) distinctive orange laminate wood grain with cream trim.It was bought second hand for me 18 years ago, for around £700. I believe it was around 5 years old at the time.

If you guys can identify the model it will help with the police report and also help me find a better photo online.
Also if you fancy sharing the post to your facebook pages and the washburn community that would be lovely too. Doubtful, but hopefull x any help would be greatly appreciated x

Many thanks

I did a google image search for the D-11 and agree, the V-head, the rosette, and the grain pattern (it looks very much like the wood is ash) all resembled a D-11/AN (the AN probably stands for "ash/natural finish"... the D-11 was made in a large number of finishes).

I do not facebook and so I could not see the facebook link you provided very well (it would only display for a second or two and then some sort of Facebook ad would obscure the image), but ash is a very distinctively grained wood and I'd bet a paycheck I'm right after looking at the google images.

Good luck with your search...I would speculate most of us who have played for any amount of time at all have had guitars stolen (I have had two stolen) and we know how much it sucks...I hope yours turns up and you get it back intact!

Dugly 8)

Duplicate post...erased, my apologies!!

Dugly 8)

Yes !! You are totally correct - D11-AN with rosewood neck and headstock. If any of you guys see one for sale let me know or even worse buy another one.

Im sorry to hear about your guitar being stolen. You're doing the right thing by filing a police report and posting alerts on the guitar forums. I know in Holland there is an auction site marktplaats and guitar forum where you should post it stolen as well.  :)


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